The Wayfarer’s Handbook is a treasure trove of information about the art of travel that is specifically crafted for the modern adventurer.  The book is an offbeat guide full of actionable advice, a worldwide exploration reference work, an unconventional collection of world trivia, and an exciting resource of inspiration, all designed for use in a great global adventure. 

With a visual aesthetic inspired by the look of vintage field guides, The Wayfarer’s Handbook is tailor-made for modern readers, providing the distilled essentials of hundreds of interesting topics, presented in a direct and precise but stylish way.  This twist on traditional travel genres covers everything from the world’s 27 most common travel scams and the fascinating history of hot air balloons to everyday gestures that are considered offensive in foreign cultures and how to avoid a hippopotamus attack.  Sketches, infographics, small maps, and illustrative charts appear throughout, allowing readers to open to any page and discover fascinating new insights into the art of travel.

Though The Wayfarer’s Handbook is compact enough for the road, it is equally suited to be a gem in the library of anyone interested in exploration.  Its unique design makes this an inherently accessible book, ready to be opened to any section and provide a swift, revitalizing shot of instant wanderlust.  This is a book that inspires curiosity about the world, whether the reader is trekking through a remote jungle or at home, dreaming of their next adventure.

Evan S. Rice has spent more than two years on the road, traveling alone through 34 countries on six continents. He is well-versed in the contemporary independent travel culture and brings a unique, modern perspective to the travel genre. He lives in Washington, D.C.

His personal travel blog is called Born Lost.