Highly useful tips that will make the reader a better and more accomplished traveler.  These are unique insights collected from experienced adventurers the world over that are simply not found anywhere else.  This is the practical knowledge of the independent travel community distilled into accessible, usable guidance.


A collection of the most interesting facts about the world and those who travel it.  This category contains the definitive answers needed to settle bar bets in hostels across the world as well as obscure tidbits of information that will excite and enlighten the reader.  It provides a glimpse into just how diverse and fascinating the world is and inspires the reader to go explore it.

Reference & Lists

A beautifully designed resource providing key information needed by the modern independent traveler.  This category, utilizing both classic informational charts and creative infographics, will be a valuable reference for today’s traveler, providing much more than country codes and currency listings.  This is practical data presented in a highly accessible, visually appealing format.  

Travel Culture

Equal parts cultural history and in-depth profile of the act of travel and those who participate in it.  Exciting characters will be brought to life and the history of how and why people travel will be explored.


An inspirational selection of travel quotes from thinkers ancient and contemporary, famous and unknown.  These are not the same dozen writers that seem to appear in every travel work.  Sources range from some of history’s earliest travel writers to modern road philosophers with cutting edge insights.


A certain amount of the material found in The Wayfarer’s Handbook simply doesn’t fit into one of the conventional categories listed above.  This is a book meant to ignite the curiosity of the reader about how diverse, interesting, and downright strange the world can be and, in that spirit, some of the material contained within it simply defies easy categorization.