Inspiration + Information

The Wayfarer’s Handbook helps to dispel common misconceptions about travel and shows readers a world that is not only extraordinary but also highly accessible. Its effectiveness lies in the fact that it combines inspiration with practical know-how to both excite the reader about the world and show them how to go experience it. 

Exotic memoirs of adventures in faraway lands, cultural profiles of people living on the other side of the globe, articles and trivia about countries you never even knew existed, quote collections from the famous philosophers of the open road: these types of books provide tantalizing glimpses of the world’s diversity and the excitement of exploration.  They leave you in a state of wonderment, gazing out the window thinking about all these incredible places and how few of them you’ve seen.  Yet, for all the curiosity they generate about those distant paradises, these types of books often do very little in the way of actually showing you how to travel them. 

How-to manuals of every imaginable specialty, reference books with page upon page of encyclopedic data, guides with common-sense tips about foreign travel: these offer readers practical advice and information on travel.  These types of books make you feel safe, prepared, and organized; confident in the knowledge that travel is something you too can experience, now that you’ve completed all the included pre-travel checklists.  But these books are often boring and dry, providing operational know-how at the expense of motivation.  They may help show you the way to the road, but they often lack the spark to actually get you started. 

There are almost no books on the market today that effectively bridge the gap between those two subcategories.  That is the crucial void The Wayfarer’s Handbook fills: combining the very best elements of these varied genres into something capable of inspiring the reader about the wide world and showing them how to independently go explore it.