The Miscellany Format

The Wayfarer’s Handbook is arranged in an elegantly designed miscellany format, which consists of short self-contained pieces covering an incredible variety of topics.  The length of these sections ranges from a single sentence (for a piece of trivia) to a maximum of a few pages long (for a short essay).  Most pages contain a mix of text and precisely-arranged graphics.  Because of its method of organization, this is not a book that needs to be read in any particular order.  Rather, readers will be able to open to any page and discover fascinating new insights into the art of travel. 

However, while the curated randomness of the miscellany format is integral to its appeal, The Wayfarer’s Handbook also has an added emphasis on practicality.  A powerful index is included to help readers who wish to reference specific information.  Further, though the general arrangement of the work is enjoyably eclectic, information on certain practical topics is naturally grouped together.  For instance, all the relevant information a reader might need on subjects like borders, vaccinations, or visas is arranged in longer cohesive sections devoted to each topic.  This innovative organizational method allows readers to quickly and easily find the information that they will need to reference on the road, while still enjoying the unconventional randomness of the miscellany format. 

The fact that The Wayfarer’s Handbook does not conform to well-known existing literary genres gives it an important advantage in the modern marketplace: the novelty of a format most readers have never seen before.  This is not another tedious how-to guide, or self-centered travel memoir, or bland reference book.  This is an exciting, original arrival in a genre stale with repetition and a book tailor-made for how modern readers consume information: quickly and in delicious, concentrated bites.